Colour Repair

Colour Repair Guarantee Terms & Conditions


  • We GUARANTEE a minimum reduction of 95% (normally 100%)
  • A WRITTEN QUOTE is always provided prior to the repair
  • In most cases, it saves 70-95% of replacement costs
  • Our clients have saved over $1 000 000 in replacement costs
  • Colour Repair is perfect for permanent stains that professionals have failed to remove
  • We believe we are the first and only NZ company to offer guaranteed stain removal

“Guaranteed Removal” definition

Our aim is perfection but we do not promise it. Full replacement is recommended if you require a promise of “brand new”. Our promise for guaranteed removal is a 95% reduction in the appearance of the stain. This could mean a slight difference in colour or shade than the surrounding carpet. Before and after photos can be measured for colour reduction. If not perfect, it will be so subtle it will not show in a photo and will no longer “draw the eye”. For multiple Colour Repairs in a room, our guarantee is 95% reduction in the overall staining rather than for each stain. This makes larger jobs more cost effective to save.

The Process

Colour Repair sometimes involves multiple visits due to many variables. Carpet oxidation, UV degradation, subsurface residues, pH imbalances, colour fastness of the stain and carpet dye are some of the variables. These will determine if repeat treatments and/or dyeing sessions are required. We provide a fixed quote at half the cost of the “worse case scenario” we calculate for each job. The whole process normally takes 2 visits. Initially, we clean and apply our proprietary colour strippers. Once fully dry we will return to repeat the process if staining remains or to restore dye to any faded areas. The price does not go up for the third visit and does not come down if it’s only one visit. This is essential to be able to provide our unique guarantee to NZ.

We can repair almost any stain

Permanent stains are considered “damaged carpet” and as such normally require replacement to fix. Therefore we accept no responsibility for any further damage that may develop while attempting to save the damaged carpet. One example is a pot plant stain that has weakened fiber’s from dry rot. Our Colour Repair charge will be refunded if we could not achieve our 95% visual improvement promise. We will not be responsible for any further cost or liability. You are required to accept these conditions prior to work commencing.

To summarise

We offer NZ’s only guaranteed stain removal service at a fixed price quote that commonly saves 70-95% of replacement costs. For a written quote please email a photo of your permanent stain/colour damage with a pen beside it for size reference. Alternatively, we can quote colour repair following general cleaning and stain work. Please note, if you don’t have a written colour repair quote then dye removal is not guaranteed with just cleaning.